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PDO Wines of Greece

The PDO Wines of Greece "Protected Designation of Origin", consolidate the categories of Greek wine AOQS (designation of origin of superior quality) and AOC (controlled appellation of origin) that existed in under previous legislation.

Production areas of PDO wines are essentially the historic vine-growing and wine producing regions of Greece. These areas are basically delineated by the boundaries of the community from whence the grapes used in the PDO Wines originate. PDO Wines are made using the varieties of the region, the majority of which are indigenous, and the vinification must take place within the boundaries of the region. Each region undertakes commitments for the maximum yields per acre, and can never exceed 1,200 kilos per acre.

PDO Wines of Greece are also committed to provide facts and information that should be printed on the labels (Some details are mandatory). These commitments include the harvest season and characteristics that have to do with the producer.


The PDO Wines of Greece are:

  • PDO Amynteo
  • PDO Anchialos
  • PDO Archanes
  • PDO Dafnes
  • PDO Goumenissa
  • PDO Limnos
  • PDO Mantinia
  • PDO Mavrodaphne Cephalonia
  • PDO Mavrodaphne Patras
  • PDO Messenikola
  • PDO Monemvassia-Malvasia
  • PDO Muscat of Cephalonia
  • PDO Muscat of Limnos
  • PDO Muscat of Patras
  • PDO Muscat of Rhodes
  • PDO Muscat of Rio Patras
  • PDO Naoussa
  • PDO Nemea
  • PDO Paros
  • PDO Patras
  • PDO Peza
  • PDO Rapsani
  • PDO Rhodes
  • PDO Robola
  • PDO Samos
  • PDO Santorini
  • PDO Sitia
  • PDO Slopes of Meliton
  • PDO Zitsa