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Wines of Traditional Appelation

The wines of traditional appelation specifically include Verdea and Retsina.

Verdea is a white wine that can be produced only in Zakynthos, under specific conditions to the varietal composition, acreage yields and more. Nevertheless it can be bottled off the island. Because of this, the wines with the name "Verdea" are included in the subcategory of PGI District Wines of Greece.
Retsina is a Greek protected product because of its uniqueness. Apart from being a wine with traditional designation, by law it has the right to bear a geographical indication of origin and is now included in the category of PGI wines.

Thus, the following 3 Retsina wines are included in the following PGI District Wines:

•    Retsina of Attica
•    Retsina Viotia
•    Retsina Evia 

Another 12 are in the subcategory of PGI Area Wine:

•    Retsina Mesogia
•    Retsina Kropia or Koropi
•    Retsina Markopoulo
•    Retsina Megara
•    Retsina Peanea or Liopesi
•    Retsina Pallini
•    Retsina Pikermi
•    Retsina Spata
•    Retsina Thebes
•    Retsina Yaltra
•    Retsina Karystos
•    Retsina of Chalkis