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Hellenistic Times (323-146 BC)

The “Hellenistic times” is the most glorious era for Greece and the Greek wines. Through the campaign of Alexander the Great, Greek culture reached Egypt and even India and, carried the Greek grape vine to the depths of Asia. Winemaking was noticeably flourishing at that time, in order to meet the needs of the sizeable army of Alexander, which was not only used as a tonic and refreshing, but also as "sterilizing" to cope with the hardship of the campaign. The Macedonian ships were transporting wine from the Greek islands of the southern Aegean such as Rhodes, Kos, Cyprus, and the coast of Asia Minor, to the ports that the army has reached. During the same period, in the island of Lesbos, we have the textbook written by philosopher Theophrastos, which is considered to be the first wine book. During the Hellenistic period and the following centuries, these areas became the major wine production and trade centers of the Mediterranean. Alexandria in Egypt had a prominent position, with a remarkable production of wine. In Greece, many excellent wines were still produced, but they had lost some recognition, which they used to enjoy in the past.