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The Vineyards of the Ionian Islands

The vineyards of the Ionian Islands are located at various altitudes and range from flat to hilly, depending on the island where they are situated. The vine of the Ionian Islands are affected by the relatively moderate winds, mild climate due to the favorable impact of the sea that surrounds them, but also by the relatively high annual rainfall. In the Ionian Islands are found rare and unique varieties used for various PDO, PGI and table wines.

•    The vineyard of Kefalonia

The vineyards of Kefalonia cover an area of only 750 acres. The vines are trained into traditional low goblets, and reach an altitude of 800m on the western slopes of Mount Enos, the white variety Robola, which is unique in Greece, is cultivated. This variety thrives in poor limestone soils of mountainous and semi-mountainous southern and central areas of the island. After the invasion of phylloxera in Kefalonia, only in 1988 did the revival of Kefallonian vineyards take place, by planting vines proven to by resistant to phylloxera. At lower altitudes, the red variety Mavrodaphne is grown for the production of the homonymous Greek dessert wine, and Muscat White as well.

•    The vineyards of Zakynthos

The vineyards of the island are located in the southern coast of the Ionian Sea, followed by a great wine history. Nowadays, the cultivated vineyards cover an area 4,700 acres and are located for the most in the central part of the island. Dozens of varieties, many of which are local, like Goustolidi, Katsakoulias, Robola Black and others are cultivated. In Zakynthos the exclusive white wine PGI Verdea with a blend of varieties Skiadopoulo, Goustolidi, Pavlos and Asprorompola, basically is the traditional wine of the island.

•    The vineyards of Lefkada

The vineyards of Lefkada are mountainous and are scattered around the island, on slopes that reach 600m. There the vineyards are on landscaped terraces with traditional gobelets, but also with modern linear plantings. The most famous, traditional wine varieties grown in Lefkada are Verjami and Vardea, while other varieties grown in much smaller quantities, such as Mavrodaphne, Asproverjamo, Thiakos, Chlores and Muscat White, are used for blending. The Lefkada produced wines PGI Lefkada, in its red version, is the only Ionian PDO or PGI wines containing foreign varieties.

•    The vineyards of Corfu

The vineyards of Corfu have been greatly reduced in size over the years and now cover only about 7% of the cultivated land and are scattered throughout the island. Locally varieties, and varieties of the Ionian Sea, such as Kakotrygis, Skylopnichtis, Petrokoritho and others are grown. Corfu produces white wines PGI Corfu and PGI Halikouna .