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Κυριακή, 07 Μάιος 2017 10:01

Sculpting The BellaVino Chardonnay


Jack Storms, a glass artist and a pioneer in the world of fine arts, got inspired from wine and created an amazing masterpiece, the “BellaVino Chardonnay” Bottle.As stated on stormsfineart.com the thought process behind the BellaVino Chardonnay was to create a piece that would spearhead Storms’ artistic movement for many years to come as well as be recognizable to his collectors.

The visual bounty comes from the pattern in the body of the BellaVino Chardonnay and flows up to compress itself in the neck. The optics are equally liquid and stunning.The cold glass sculptures of Jack Storms go through a series of cutting, grinding, polishing and glass lamination, until the desired core design is achieved. Then the core is encased into optical crystal in order to get its final shape.

Each one of his glass sculptures takes anywhere from six to twenty four weeks. All of Jack Storms glass sculptures are designed using a cold-working lathe, while no heat is involved in the process at all. The materials used on each one of Jack Storms’ glass sculptures are 32% optical lead crystal, optical crystal and dichroic glass.


The starting price for this masterpiece starts from $11,664.


Source: www.stormsfineart.com